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Philippine Ladies--

 Introductions & Personal Services

We offer  introductions to  pre-approved Asian / Philippine ladies,  and  IMPORTANT personal services to  single men ,  ages 26 & above,  USA   CITIZENS,  who seek  friendship,  and possible marriage.   Your membership  is FREE!   Services  include:  introduction to  ENGLISH-SPEAKING,  Philippine women; on-going  Consultations/ advice,  Immigrations and Travel Guidelines,   Tours and personal Guides,   and K-1 Fiancee (immigrations) case completions.  We've had successful operations for  over 29  years old, and have verifyable REFERENCES. 100 percent of  our-prepared  K-1 Fiancee cases  HAVE  been approved, via US Dept of Homeland Security, US/CIS, some in 1 month or  less! 

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NOTE!  Please complete  above. See "CONTACT  US" page to leave detailed questions or information .  For added references of our company, discount coupons, promo offers, & relevant information --not on website--please  request same in your reply.

Unmatched Credibility---

Our  full service clients selected  their fiancee from those ALREADY known to each one  as friends,  and completed required  immigrations  steps during their FIRST TRIP.  Your Director has experience in Asia, since 1961, over 54 years! See our FACEBOOK  posts and albums (click link at bottom), over 700 "LIKES"  SESA Inc's  Unblemished  Reputation is known at Google, Facebook,, Bing/ Microsoft, LinkedIn,  Twitter, US/CIS, &  Philippine  Officials in USA Embassy, Manila. Please review our GALLERY, SERVICES, AND FREQUENTLY ASKED  QUESTIONS, pages to follow. Thank you.


Please note:  YOU may  choose part or all  from over  200 ACTIVE  images in our site  GALLERY and/or FACEBOOK Albums (click "Photos" 1st) - - - or we select you, based upon your application preferences. Each  listing includes: ladies' name, age, height, status, Facebook name, email address,  phone number(s)  &  postal address.  YOUR CONTACTS  can be made      WITHIN   24 hours  of  receipt.  Age differences from your's-- are OK.     NOTE:  our  RATES  Are  LOW,  but subject to change at anytime.

                                                                               Listings & Copy of          Listings, Photo- Copies 

           #   Filipinas                Cost of                Lady's Photos  & 2 pg.     & We Send Your "Intro 

           You Receive                 Listings Alone       Biographical Profile      Letter" to each Filipina

               10                                 $79.                              $ 96.                                     $119.

               20                                 $118.                            $153.                                    $193.

               30                                 $164.                            $198.                                    $252.

               40                                 $194.                            $248.                                     $330.

(**)  Each profile has been judged as "ABOVE  AVERAGE"  based  upon lady's  appearance, status & other data. 

 We have over 1,500 current Filipina profiles from all legal age ranges!  YOU list the age ranges you desire.


 NOTE:  As professionals in handling introductions,  we can  review YOUR application preferences, and select those  Filipinas who are MOST compatible - - As a 1st step  though, YOU  CAN choose part or all of the Filipinas  you ask for, from  our "GALLERY" on next page,  OR,  our  FACEBOOK albums---for easy access--click link below--or enter:  ---   With SESA Inc,  you AVOID mistakes  common with the "quick access"  approach of other and often--  "sex-oriented"  websites,  that simply  give   you contact with   UNSCREENED  Filipinas.  Likewise, please  see "FAQ" pages.   Other websites DO NOT have ALL our  important personal services-- see  "Services" page, ---nor do they have same high standards,  personal integity, and proven record.  Our  Mission  is  Humanitarian, which includes the WELFARE  of YOU, and  FILIPINAS,  at all times.

CONTACT   US:  Anytime!  ----   Feel WELCOME to ask questions regarding offers--  or program in general,  by email or a phone call.                    Thank you,  Hugh B. Jones,  Director, SESA Inc.
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