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Philippine Ladies--

 Introductions & Personal Services

We offer  introductions to  pre-approved, English speaking Asian / Philippine ladies,  and  IMPORTANT personal services to  single men ,  ages 26 & above,  USA   CITIZENS,  who seek  friendship,  and possible marriage.   Your membership  is FREE!   Services  include: On-going Consultations/ Advice,  Immigrations and Travel Guidelines,  Personal Guides, Escorted Tours, and K-1 Fiancee (immigrations) case completions.  SESA  Inc has 30 years of successful operations--- and much of our services & work are humanitarian  (see bottom* of page).  We are recognized  at  US Dept of Homeland Security, US/CIS, and 100 percent  of our  K-1 Fiancee cases have been approved---  some in 1 month or  less! 

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NOTE!  Please complete  above. See "CONTACT  US" page to leave detailed questions or information -- and to request added references of our company, & testimonials.  All comments and questions will be answered prompltly.

Unmatched Credibility---

Don't be swayed by larger sites or firms who will say they have 1000s of ladies, quick ways to contact, and alleged success stories. After a fellow starts with them, he later often finds himself left "high and dry" ---- not fully knowing what to do, or when, or where to turn for advice. Speed is NOT your answer to a happy life with a native Filipina--- but rather, a gradual step-by-step approach, as we use.  We keep in contact with you each step along the way.

Your Director, a military veteran of 25 years,  has experience in Asia, since 1961, over 55 years!   See our FACEBOOK  posts and albums (click link at bottom), over 800  "LIKES".   SESA Inc's  Unblemished  Reputation at BBB, Google, Facebook,, Bing/ Microsoft, LinkedIn,  Twitter, US/CIS, &  Philippine  Officials in USA Embassy, Manila. Please review our GALLERY,  SERVICES,  AND FREQUENTLY ASKED  QUESTIONS (FAQ), pages to follow. Thank you.


Please note:  YOU may  choose part or all  from over  200 ACTIVE  images in our site  GALLERY  or FACEBOOK Albums (click "Photos" 1st) - - - OR, preferably,   from our active Facebook friends, that we send to you as "Suggested  Friend",  OR,   we can  select you, based upon your application preferences. Each  listing includes: ladies' name, age, height, status, Facebook name, email address,  phone number(s)  &  postal address.   CONTACTS  can be made  WITHIN   24 hours  of your  receipt.  Age differences from your's-- are OK; and we have ladies in all age ranges.   NOTE:  our  RATES  Are  LOW,  but subject to change at anytime.

                                                                               Listings  and  Copy of  Lady's  Photos---         

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           You Receive                 Listings Alone          or  Sent  to  You.      

               10                                 $79.                              $ 105.                                     

               20                                 $129.                            $169.                                    

               30                                 $168.                            $232.                                    

               40                                 $198.                            $264.                                     

(**)  Each profile has been judged as "ABOVE  AVERAGE"  based  upon lady's  appearance, status & other data. 

 We have over 1,200 current Filipina profiles from all legal age ranges!  YOU choose ages you desire.


 NOTE-- TO  CLARIFY--    Our  company  and  site  IS  NOT,  nor ever was one  classifed  under  "MAIL  ORDER  BRIDES"    (MOB)  services --  This term is both  OBSOLETE  and  DEGRADING.  Obsolete,  because it originated decades ago, when postal  letters  (now very seldom used)-- was primary means of contact with single ladies in  Asia.  Degrading, because of  a lower image conveyed  to women so labeled.   Unfortunately,  various  uninformed persons or organizations  sometimes still  misuse this "MOB" term. For example, to illustrate current use of  "MOB"   term is either invalid  and/or prejudicial--  Ask  yourself,  have YOU ever heard  persons referred to as  "ONLINE  ORDER  BRIDES"  or Husbands??   Yet, in effect, when anyone misapplies this  "MOB" term --- Should  not  ALL current  marriages, where  individuals met  via  USA  dating sites, and/or  any online dating contacts, fall into same  category??  

SESA INC's mission & services far exceed those of recognized  USA  "Dating  Services",, a term we feel misrepresents us.  As a membership organization, BOTH  men and women involved, need first apply and be approved for membership. (*)  We work with our members, and portions of our services are  HUMANITARIAN, in that, thru our  counseling and  guidelines, helps Philippine Ladies  AVOID  EXPLOITATION,  the chances of which increase when/if  a Filipina  independently   makes contacts online with unscreened foreigners ----  and/or is not aware of  precautions to take in her own country, to avoid traps designed to lead her into being kidnapped and possibily sold.   For our male clients, our guidance helps them AVOID numerous SCAMS  wordwide---- and adds to their safety when travelling.

We maintain high standards and integrity--- have a proven success record--- and invite your participation. See our "Contact  Us"   page for you message(s) ----or use box to right above.

**For discounts on your international flights, see "Services Page, Paragraph #10", or email or call us.

CONTACT   US:  Anytime!  ----   Feel WELCOME to ask questions regarding offers--  or program in general,  by email or a phone call.                  

 Thank you,  Hugh B. Jones,  Director, SESA Inc.
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