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You may select  the   ones you  want,  but for highest probability of success, we recommend ALL 5 "Primary Services", &  those Additional Services you desire. See below for $215.  discount information. 

SESA  Inc  Services BETTER ASSURE your success!   There can be MANY "POT HOLES" in the road from starting point – to having  fiancee in USA.   OTHER  SITES  do NOT have similar services for your  use  and protection.   Men unaware of all factors have been UNSUCCESSFUL,   EVEN after expenses of a trip to Philippines.   The cliché is 100% true!   "IT'S BETTER TO BE SAFE,  THAN SORRY" !






You receive NEEDED advice and recommendations---  from time of contacts with Filipinas, until  your's  is in USA.  We are your personal advisor.   No one knows in advance, possible problems  that can come up – but they  DO!   Our job is to assist you and help you save time or added expenses.  Our guidance can and has helped men prevent serious errors, AND  SAVE up to thousands of dollars.

PRINTED GUIDELINES- - RIGHT AWAY,  you will receive:

a.   Ten - Page Guideline –  Recently  REVISED**    Gives you a CLEAR blueprint to work with from the start.  --    Important Information Regarding  Filipinas, to include 12 CRITICAL TOPICS you need discuss with ladies who gain your interest. This becomes YOUR NAVIGATIONAL TOOL, and, (except for "emotions involved"), will help steer you to your MOST compatible ladies. You  can identify any  Filipinas whose motives are NOT in your best interests, and eliminate them.  These guidelines HAVE made a favorable difference to one's relationship(s), eventual choice, and marriage.


b.  YOUR TOTAL COSTS- Very helpful for your budgeting. Covers your "Fixed Costs",  from day #1 until marriage date!  Many expense categories will vary from high end to lowest---and depending upon your preferences.  Other companies tend to AVOID this important area.   We can  discuss these  with you,  and help you save  from  $100s  to  over $1,000s of dollars.


c.   SUGGESTED GUIDELINES-- for contacting Filipinas via  Facebook, email, text msg, telephone, and/or letters. Also how to "tactfully decline" any ladies you do not care to pursue; and ways to deal with special situations.




Svc  #1

Svc  #2

Svc  #3
$ 105 ***

Svc  #4

Svc  #5
$465. ***


            ADDITIONAL           SERVICES:

  (See #6 thru 9 below)           

  • Trips to Cebu City 
  • Traveler's Special Offer
  • Green Card Cases 
  • Permanent Resident Cases








NOTE:  (1)   WHEN TO ORDER??  We recommend you take this service WHEN you pay for your introductions, or soon thereafter. You are then under NO obligation  to order our other services---but if you do so, you will still receive your 15% full discount, after service #5.  (2) Men already in contact with Filipinas, DEFINITELY will benefit with these guidelines, verbal consultations, and all services.


(**) SPECIAL OFFER-- $155.   FEE- for ALL THE ABOVE "PRINTED GUIDELINES" – and WITHOUT  periodic personal discussions or advice under FULL Consultation Service.



Outlines  Exactly what you'll need and have to do, both in USA-- AND, you & fiancee, in Philippines. Comprehensive step by step checklists for each. The INTERNET and other firms, to include LAWYERS, are INCOMPLETE regarding ALL applicable items, that WILL help you get your case approved, well BEFORE average time.  We can verify cases we've had US/CIS approved in  2 weeks to 1+  months. You receive required forms, sample formats, and copies of documents from prior cases. NO similar guidelines are this complete or easy to follow.  We help you via EMAIL  and/or  phone calls.



ARE  extremely important for your trip preparation and during trip-- extensive 4-page checklist of what you need to bring with you; do while you're there; and what you need to return with. You receive brochures and internet access to quality Cebu City hotel that knows us, and gives you a liberal company discount-- eg. Our room rates range from only $29  to $45  per night (2 beds & ground floor room).  Savings alone can pay for this entire fee! Added guidelines include: essential travel information, safety matters, & tourism fliers.



(See (c) below***)  This pays for up to 14 days in Philippines --- Values to you just regarding safety matters, day & night activities,  and  immigrations assistance,  well exceed this total fee!    It is a remarkable bargain compared to guide rates in USA, or other  countries for even a few days.  NOTE:  this fee is LESS---- IF you do not plan to get engaged on trip, and/or use immigrations service while there. 


a.  DURING TRIP-  (1)  He will meet  you (or us on group trips) at CEBU airport  (or he can meet you  at other city airports).  He  assists with baggage, currency exchange, taxis, and accompanies you to hotel  recommended by SESA.**     (2) Meets with you on daily basis (or as needed), and helps arrange your meeting ladies at hotel or at their residences;  (3) Takes photos of YOU with ALL prospective ladies, and later with your fiancee;  (4)  Can show you to places of entertainment, dining, and/or tourist attractions.   (5) Helps you and fiancee with finding place, food & making arrangements for, and conducting  your engagement ceremony; (6) Assists and accompanies  both of you with immigrations actions that can be done while you are there;  (7)  Answers questions from family of your fiancee, and reviews visa and marriage procedures with them.    (8)  Escorts us (or you) to airport, and assists with your departure.

(**)  Men who do NOT agree to stay at this hotel, are responsible for making their own hotel reservations.


b.  AFTER DEPARTURE: Your guide can assist your fiancee, by phone,  as/if needed,  with completing   passport and immigrations actions, to include: forms processing; & preparation for medical exam and interview in Manila.  At additional fees, he can escort your fiancee there, and help her regarding safety, and later immigration steps. Check with us if interested.


c.   (***)  ADDED FEE NOTATIONS-  Travelers are also  responsible for:  (1)  Transportation fees of guide, to/ from Cebu and local fees associated with his travel in course of business with YOU;  (2) Meal costs of guide, only when he is at hotel or elsewhere to assist  YOU;  (3) Fees associated with tasks  making trips with you to other islands ; and  (4)  "Gratuity" fee for guide at or near conclusion of trip, IF you consider his service satisfactory or better.    NOTES:  (a) Guides do NOT receive full amount of "service # 4 fee";  (b) You are NOT responsible for his lodging, unless staying OUTSIDE of Cebu with you.


5. K-1 FIANCEE CASE PREPARATION – Fee: $465**  (or only $250  after $215 discount for to all 5 services).

a. You provide data and items, per service #2, above; and we do ALL the work for you,  to include an important personal statement to US Citizenship & Immigrations Service, (US/CIS).  Average cases take 12 to 14 hours to complete, and are in legal-type folders. In addition to main package sent to CIS, you receive 2 complete sets (copies); one to be sent to fiancee, and one for yourself.  Any  cases, requiring more time,  will be charged  added  fees.


b. US/CIS has verified our case preparation methods are among the most professional observed. This has resulted in months LESS handling time by officials in USA and Manila.  Our competitors do NOT know all applicable items.


c.   (**) NOTES:  (1) Above fee does NOT include:  (a)  $100  fee, if you want us to later complete your Form I-134 --"Affidavit of Support",  and attachments,  needed by your fiancee, AFTER your case is approved in USA;  (b)  FedEx or postal charges; AND   (2)  Men who have not paid our service #2, Immigrations fee of $120,; must pay ir 1st,  in order for us to prepare your I-129F case for $465.


For those who take ALL 5 "Primary Services" & regardless of when you order them---your discount is applied to service #5, and then, you will have paid   only $1,195.  for  these 5 services,    compared to $1,410.   without discount!!   A tremendous bargain!   ATTORNEYS  have charged well  OVER  $1,200 JUST to prepare your immigrations case! ---which is our service #5.


ADDED:   SESA Inc FEES are subject to change at anytime. REFUNDS are limited ONLY to services NOT USED—eg svcs #4 & 5—IF paid for, and  trip not made, or I-129F case is not started.  Your receipt of: (a) Listings and foto copies under "Introductions",  and/or (b) Printed Guidelines in Services #1, 2, & 3,  IS considered value and use.



6.   ESCORTED GROUP TRIPS TO CEBU CITY  & TRAVEL &  IMMIGRATIONS  ADVISORY SERVICES* ---- First trip in 2020 --- March is tentative departure month.  Contact us NOW, if any interest.   You may ask to join us to meet your Filipina friends, whether you seek a fiancee or not on this trip --- or you can  Go  just to tour places of interest in Philippines , and exciting night life.     Spaces  are limited ----Advance Reservations possible---  For  Details, without obligation--- Contact   Us ASAP,  with your email address and/or phone number.   (Also see homepage, near bottom).    For information regarding low airfares, see #10, below.

 a.  TRIP  FEE: $250.. – For "FULL SERVICE" Clients;  And   $490 Fee  for all others A great way to travel and enjoy your trip. SESA Director schedules your airline reservations ( UNLESS  YOU  chose to),  AND we will meet you at the particular USA international airport.   NOTES:  (1) "FULL SERVICE" means clients who have paid for at least 4 "Primary Services",  PRIOR to flight reservation;  (2) Men who pay $490  fee WILL receive printed guidelines under Services #1, #2, & #3; and   (3)  Men who do not agree in advance to stay at SESA Inc recommended hotel (see 6b), are NOT eligible for Group Tours.



b.  WE TRAVEL TOGETHER ** from USA to Cebu airport, and to SESA approved hotel – and return in same manner. (**) Except for any clients who prefer slightly different date of arrival, OR a different airline, will travel on their own, and STILL be met at Cebu airport by our guide.  At hotel, I will  review your status on a daily basis, and render advice or assistance, along with your Filipino guide (if paid for), & the Filipina secretary/ guide.  NOTE---You will already be expected to have 1 or more Filipina friends------  NEW  Filipina introductiions  will not  be  made by SESA Inc while in Philippines ---however, there are a number of places you can meet  ladies on your own. 


c.  ESCORTED TRIPS   Normally Scheduled in LOW AIRFARE Months – NOTE:  (1)  We  will  NOT  normally take more than four (4) clients on one trip, so that we can give YOU  maximum of PERSONAL ATTENTION. Therefore, "confirmed travelers" will be on a "FIRST-COME BASIS".   Trip fees are not refundable, but can be applied to other SESA Inc offers or services.   Maximum of 2 such trips per year;   (2)  A FILIPINA GUIDE is at hotel during ESCORTED TRIPS.  She serves as a companion & counselor – with Filipinas, who are already your friends or fiancee   She reviews forms, procedures, and takes photos.  TIPS to her-- OK.---but there are no added fees from us. NO FEES OR ANY TRANSACTIONS ARE done with us,  while IN  Philippines.



You may order whichever services you'd like, to include the $215 – discount offer.  YOU then schedule travel dates of your preference. If you've paid for service #4, your Filipino guide will meet you at your Philippine airport, and perform all other tasks listed, as your  TRAVEL  ADVISOR. (see para #4).


We can  often obtain  much LOWER AIRLINE rates for you, and BETTER ROUTES, due to our experience. We are a registered airline agent. If interested**,  find YOUR  best rates elsewhere, and CHECK BACK WITH US.--  (**)  Agent commissions will be paid in advance to our company----applies to ANY airline reservations made by us.


8.  TRAVELERS' SPECIAL OFFER --- Fee: $295 – a 23% Discount.

For men who still plan to travel to Philippines "On Their Own" to meet prospective fiancee(s).   Under this offer – at least you can, and should, ** GO "FULLY EQUIPPED"!!   You receive:  All Printed Guidelines in services #1, #2, & #3.  Listed prices total $380 – therefore, you save $85, or 23 percent.   (**) The absence of guidance provided in these 3 services, can end up:  (a)  Increasing your risks of a LESS than desired fiancee relationship, and/or marriage;  (b) Adding costs, and  delays in getting your fiancee's K-1 VISA approved.




a.  I- 485 Cases-- Our fee $255.** This is your wife's 2-year "GREEN CARD", via "Application to Register Permanent Residence of Adjust Status". Includes about 13 attached documents-- some are detailed. Takes average of 7 to 8 hours to complete. (**) Fee is $270  IF an I-765, "Application for Employment Authorization" is also included.


b.  I-751 Cases-- Our fee: $100- This is for your wife's permanent green card and residency, via "Petition to Remove Conditions of Residence". Includes up to 10 attachments; and takes average of 3 to 4 hours to complete



---as Director is a Registered Airline Agent---  (see # 6, above)--- With almost no "overhead costs", compared to your city travel agent, and most online sources, AND, in our contract with one of the largest international firms, we can almost always obtain MUCH LOWER rates for you. Once we have your trip dates and destinations, and agree on your lowest fare, process is simple. You can they pay by credit card, or other means, DIRECT to our contact (recognized online firm), AND receive quick itinerary and ticket issuance.






1. INTERNET CONSEQUENCES:  (a)  NON-SCREENED  FLIPINAS;  (b)    SCAMS  for Your Money;  (c)  Pitfalls & Risks  Using  Similar Websites having NO reputation or credentials;   and/or   (d)  Incomplete Immigrations Guidelines.


2. TRAVEL--NOT KNOWING:  (a) Best Air Routes;  (b)  How to Obtain Lowest Airfares;  (c)  Best Hotels;     (d) Safety Precautions;   (e)  How to Prepare for Your Trip, &  What you Need Bring With You;  (f)  What you Need Do While There,  &  (g)  What to Bring Back With You. 


3. NO GUIDANCE  OR "BACKUP SYSTEMS"-- Refers to how we help you deal with UNEXPECTED problems that can and have occurred-- in ALL aspects of your trip.   This includes your having access to other eligible Filipinas that you may seek to meet.-----as compared to men who venture off on their own.

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CONTACT  US --  When or after you submit an order --  or  if you have questions about  the above services  or our program.

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